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About Veterans needing help

davnashville started this conversation

If you are having a hard time then drop me a line. There are hundreds of different ways veterans and their families can get the help they need. If you need medical help or in a tight spot with your finances then let me know and we will try to get you the help you need.

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woman in a shoe   in reply to bill w
Hi try this and see if any place can help u. Type need help with bills city state if u don't see it under city state put county state there sure be a list of places for u to call for help if u want me to look this up for u give me your city state and county and I will type back what I found for u
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bill w
i am a vet in need of paying my bill my ssdi was denied and i will be homeless in august i am appealing this but it takes awhilei was getting inturm ast. of 280.00 a mounth it will be cut off befor the end of this mounth .is there any way i can get help?
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SisterServant   in reply to jeffreyj
Contact your congressman and speak with someone in his office about your claim taking so long. Call and insist on an interview with the representative. That might help move things.
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Willow2012   in reply to jeffreyj
I hope everything turns out for you. I feel what your saying. I been there. I been homeless and hungry with 3 kids.Nothing lasts forever. It will get better. Hang in there.
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My family and i are about to be evicted. The VA has sat on my claim for coming 2 years, while i do have partial of 40%, i haven't been able to go to work. We sold everything we have and was down to one car until it was stolen on Saturday. I have reach out to anything and everything. I can go on forever about how hard it has been. I just need a direction. Thank you.
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I have the medical help. I need help financially.
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Because my daughter lost her rights to her son. It means I have no rights to him. I practically raised him and now I have no right to know if he is alive or sick or anything at all. If I had money for an attorney, I could get some rights to have him in my life. Because I'm poor I can't see my grandson? Please help! An attorney I hired hs the deed to my house. I gave all I have but it wasn't enough. Now I have to pay attorney almost 8k or lose my house. It would have been worth it to have access to my grandson...
Warm Regards,
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bunny47   in reply to Thbear59
I wonder if The Lions Club Mens Organization might be able to help you. They take donations of used eyeglasses to fix up; you may want to find out who theyggive them to.
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My husband is a vet, first gulf war. We are currently living in our car, trying to get housing from the VA, but not sure how long it will take. I am in need of glasses, as mine broke and I am currently using an old pair with an old prescription. Any help would be appreciated.
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no 1hippie
I am a nam vet.and having a problem with utilities
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Hi. I am having a financial hardship. I am in need of assistance with my utilities as I am not working and have received an eviction notice. Me and my 10 yr old daughter have nowhere to go. We also need help with our light bill.
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Hi we are having a hard time. right now my wife has cancer and I have bursitis in my hip we don't have a car right now money is real tight. We have doctors in different places they are about 45 minutes away in different towns.
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I am helping a veteran try to find a reliable vehicle for transportation. His vehicle is toast because it is so old. He needs this vehicle to drive apx 600 miles total to his unit about once every 4-6 weeks. It needs to be an economical vehicle. Also he needs food. The local food pantries will only allow citizens a trip to the pantry so many times per month and only so many months until they are turned away. HELP please, I've done everything I can for him. I even allowed him to use my old vehicle and on his trip to his unit the vehicle motor burned up and I had to rescue him. I've been feeding him but my money is drying up. I'm out of work.
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missjanie   in reply to scout
Hi go to your city and state it will give you a list of agencies that can help with a variety of things such as housing bills food clothing etc also Since you are military call 1877AIDVETS, they can also guide you with help. Thank you for your service and may God Bless You
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Hi I'm recently separated from active army with honorable discharge I'm having major financial issues cause benefits are taking a long time to kick in I'm very close to have to live in my truck where can I find financial assistance I'm from Boston ma I've applies for help through the state and via but that takes time and I don't have much left
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missjanie   in reply to sandif1
Hi try call 18774AIDSVET, maybe they can assist you, thank you for serving our country and God Bless you
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I moved to Los Angeles to go to film school using my GI BILL. My brother had an accident and my wife left soon after. I am jobless, homeless, and moneyless in CA. Im just trying to get home to be closer to my kids and my little brother. I just need a bit of money and the push in the right direction.
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Poppyday13   in reply to sandif1
VETERAN CARS veterans and service members are eligible for A1 time pymt of not more than $18,900 toward purchase of an automobile if they have suffered any loss of use of something on there body, call 18008271000 Or for adaptive equipment for there vehicles.
Alternatively contact your unit welfare and ask for assistance and advice . There are a lot of Vet charities that can help your and your former welfare department will have the latest lists. Good luck.
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I am a older female vet who live with my younger daughter our car is down and we help badly
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Poppyday13   in reply to Millertyme2014
Please google Indiana mortgage help and foreclosure assistance programs. I also got a lot of stuff up by following threads but the laptop wont cut and paste to you . I can send it by email , if u can't access it . there is a lot of other help with all your bills to reduce your living costs once you save the house. Please contact your old unit and tap their charity funds THATS WHAT ITS FOR . You are not scrounging. Please also approach anybody on the long list I sent you .
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